Qualities and certifications

Qualities and certifications

we like it natural

and we enjoy the environment that surrounds us. This is why we work with recycled materials and take maximum care of our production processes, in order to be respectful and maintain a sustainable balance with nature. We use recycled cotton in our fabrics and in our "Hotmelt" waterproofing process we do not use solvents or water





Oeko-tex ®

Feel the relaxation offered by the tranquility of being in contact with a product that offers all the health guarantees. We strive to create natural products with the most advanced sanitary treatments that offer you complete security and confidence (Oeko-tex class 1 certification).


We also have the international certification GRS, GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD (Global Recycling Standard), this certification allows us to guarantee that textile materials are recycled respecting environmental and social criteria and is intended for all products that contain at least 20% of recycled matterials.


OCS certification confirms that our fabrics contain 95-100% organic matter, verifies the presence and amount of organic matter in a final product, and tracks the flow of raw materials from their origin to the final product.


Our qualities

Quality is a maxim in candido penalba, from the choice of the best raw materials, to the performance of exhaustive controls throughout the production process, ensuring the best protection and the greatest comfort of our products.

We have a quality manual, based on our long experience and the ISO 9000 standards to achieve this goal.

We have licenses from the best brands of treatments for long-lasting protection against mites, fungi, bacteria and corresponding allergens. The fibers remain protected without the need for special treatment. Mites, molds and unpleasant odors disappear.


Our treatments

Anti-mite treatment available in all our products



Other treatments


Otros tratamientos
Moisture management and comfort